27.01.2013, Hong Kong

Vegetarian Gala dinner in Hong Kong

Gala Dinner

His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa’s third official visit to Hong Kong ended with a sumptuous all-vegetarian gala dinner held on the evening of January 27.

This final event took place in the Grand Hall of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, a venue that lives up to its name. His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa presided over the head table set in the centre of the generous space and surrounded by dozens of smaller tables, all beautifully laid with porcelain and linen napkins.
The front area of the vast hall featured a large stage, with a big screen on either side, allowing even those seated further in the back to follow whatever was happening on the stage.

The evening started with some of the organisers and members of the Hong Kong Centre delivering short thanksgiving speeches; and then Gyalwa Karmapa took the floor and addressed a few words to the audience.

An all-vegetarian ten-course dinner featuring Chinese delicacies was served, accompanied by a varied entertainment programme, including auctions and performances by famous Hong Kong artists.

Thus, Gyalwa Karmapa’s third visit to Hong Kong came to a worthy conclusion.
 Once again, thousands of devotees from around the world had gathered to meet with their teacher and receive his teaching and instructions.

“Doing a little bit of practice every day is something that is maintainable, feasible. So this is what I would like to request from you – and in this way our connection, our bond is kept… I will make wishes and aspirations for all of us to keep our connection – this is what I will do for my part, and if from your side you can do what I have just asked you to do then in this way our intention and mindset are the same, and then no matter the distance and time – they will not separate us.”

Having promised his students to return before long, His Holiness left Hong Kong on the evening of January 28 for his main residence in New Delhi.


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