02.08.2007 – 06.08.2007, Germany

His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa visits Kassel, Germany

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The last week of His Holiness’ summer tour 2007 in Europe started in Germany near Kassel.

Since 1993, the annual summer course of the diamondway centers is held in a scout camp in Immenhausen.

With the help of hundreds of hands from all over the world, the area was changed into a huge camp for Buddhist practitioners that could host more than 5000 people.

Prior to the arrival of His Holiness Karmapa, Lama Ole Nydahl gave a five day phowa course, which was then followed by a 72 hour White Tara Meditation (shared with all the 500 diamondway centers in the world). The benefit of the Mantra recitation was dedicated to the late Hannah Nydahl.

The day of Karmapas arrival was the first nice summer day after a whole week of heavy rain showers and some very cold days.

On the 2nd and 3rd of August His Holiness Karmapa gave the empowerment of Gyalwa Gyamtso (4 armed red chenrezig) with 3900 participants.

On the 4th of August His Holiness gave a teaching about the Karma Kagyu lineage and offered the possibility to take refuge as well as the bodhisattva vow.

The teaching was very touching. His Holiness Karmapa first taught about the Buddha and then about Milarepa, mentioning how he personally got inspired by Milarepas life story when he read it for the first time at the age of 6 along with his mother.

Almost 5000 people came to listen to His Holiness’ words. People came from all over the world mostly from Europe but also from South and North America as well as many other countries.

In the afternoon there were several meetings with His Holiness Karmapa and different Sangha groups, such as people from Lithuania and from the USA.

On the 5th of August His Holiness gave a White Tara empowerment. Afterwards, there was a meeting with the group of travelling teachers of the diamondway centers.

The day ended with a big party, to celebrate the end of the 15th and last summer course in that location. Local people who supported the courses since many years, for example the mayor of Immenhausen and many others, were invited as honoured guests. After a delicious buffet, the organizers gave a short replica over the many courses and thanked the local people and all the helpers. The guests were entertained by the excellent music of Tom at the piano and enchanting Doris Dee with her lovely show dance.

From Immenhausen to Immenstadt. The diamondway organisation from now on is planning to do the big summer courses in the New Europe Center in the South of Germany.

Report: Gunhild Jug
Photos: Thule G. Jug and Gunhild Jug

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