17.05.2012 – 18.05.2012, Taiwan

Taipei Conclusion

Taipei City, Visit

On the evening of May 17th, His Holiness Karmapa was given a lively send off by the people of Taiwan with a farewell dinner party at the famous Grand Hotel of Taipei. The evening’s festivities included various forms of entertainment and cultural displays by the indigenous people of Taiwan, giving an over all taste of the diverse culture, a blend of tradition and modernity, which makes Taiwan such a unique place. 

Before the evening’s end, His Holiness Karmapa and Jigme Rinpoche presented the organizers and volunteers with gifts to show their appreciation for all who helped make this year’s trip to Taiwan, with the numerous events throughout these 18 days in various cities and districts, possible.
The following morning, His Holiness Karmapa made one final stop at the Karma Kagyu Buddhist Association, ROC, where he was received with the traditional pomp and circumstance of gyalings (Tibetan trumpets), mandala offerings and long life prayers.

Afterward, His Holiness Karmapa was interviewed by the press, accompanied by the recently bereaved actress and staunch devotee of His Holiness Karmapa Zhu Hui-Zhen.
His Holiness Karmapa shared His overall impression of this year’s visit to Taiwan with the media gathered there before concluding the press conference.

Photos: Thule G. Jug

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