07.06.2017, India

Day three to five: Gyalwa Gyamtso Ritual Led by Gyalwa Karmapa

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06.06.2017, India

Filling and Consecration Ceremony of the Golden Stupa with the Relics of Shamarpa in Kalimpong

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03.06.2017, India

First Day of the Gyalwa Gyamtso Ritual in Kalimpong: Preparation of the Ground for Mandala

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22.11.2015 – 25.11.2015, India

Gyalwa Karmapa visit in Kalimpong

Venues: Diwakar Buddhist Academy, Kalimpong, Karmapa Center of Education On the afternoon of the 22nd November, monastic and lay communities of Diwakar Buddhist Academy, along with devotees of Kalimpong, warmly […]

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24.11.2015, India

Visit at the construction of the Monastery led by Ani Pema Zangmo

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Words of Wisdom
“We can overcome eons of negative actions, speech & thought with one great moment of generating compassion”