Letter from Gyalwa Karmapa concerning philippines typhoon

His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa wrote a letter, concerning recent philippines typhoon.

Letter Philippines November 2013

New Delhi, November 10, 2013

To the people of the Philippines

I am saddened to hear of the great suffering and loss of life caused by the typhoon. As a fellow human being, and a follower of Buddha, I offer my deepest condolences for the loss of your loved ones, and my sincere aspirations for all of you. Have courage, for I know that you have great strenght.

Dear dharma friends around the world, I ask all of you to offer your prayers and practice for the people of Phillipines. Please recite the six syllables of Chenresig, and offer any other support that you can.

With heartfelt prayers,

Thaye Dorje

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I will make wishes and aspirations for all of us to keep our connection (…) in this way our intention and mindset are the same, and then no matter the distance and time – they will not separate us