A letter from His Holiness Karmapa on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday.

Letter for 95th birthday of Nelson Mandela

Dear dharma friends,

Today marks Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday.

On this auspicious day, may we all reflect on Nelson Mandela’s shining example to the world. May we be inspired by his commitment to peace; his determination to unite the people in the face of such a difficult environment that would tear them apart; and the humility and compassion of his precious human heart.

May we also understand that, while Nelson Mandela sacrificed much and was imprisoned for many years, he has always retained his freedom. For true freedom lies it the ability to nurture and live in accordance with our inner wealth, our innate values of compassion and wisdom.

May we all wish Nelson Mandela a happy birthday.

With prayers,
Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

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“The inner wealth would be none other than the understanding of one’s true nature.”