Announcement: Translator Course and Meditation Course in K.I.B.I.

Karmapa International Buddhist Institute

KIBI Translator Course
 7th October – 5th November 2012
The motto of this translator course is: “Thus have I heard”. The line completes the qualities that every translator and interpreter needs.
The Translator Course is designed for both Tibetan interpreters and translators who would like to further improve their skills, as well as for students who wish to become a Tibetan Buddhist translator, teacher or to be self-reliant in understanding Tibetan Language and Script.
The course also oers Tibetan Language classes for beginners.

Keeping in mind the importance of meditation, KIBI has arranged a Shiney Meditation Course for its solid beginning:

KIBI Meditation Course
8th November – 7th December 2012

The course is designed for all students who are interested in practicing meditation.

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Words of Wisdom
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