09.08.2017, Spain

His Holiness Karmapa – Visits the Basque region of Spain August 5 to 9, 2017

Karmapa Mikyo Dorje Center, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Empowerment, Teaching

Karmapa Thaye Dorje visited the Karmapa Mikyo Dorje Center in Gulina in August.

On 7th of August he gave a Chenresi Initiation at Baluarte in Pamplona, the Capital of Navarra. 350 people took the opportunity to receive the Chenresig Initiation from The 17th Karmapa and listen to his teachings in Pamplona. That evening, a number of people received refuge from the Gyalwa Karmapa.

Before the empowerment, His Holiness gave a detailed explanation of the essence of the practice. He said that taking refuge is to embrace reality, to see that everything flows. Things come and go: nothing is fixed. He also said that we experience things in the context of our Karma, which we need to accept- it can be hard for some of us to take this on.
He gave an example of compassion by describing the limitless love that parents have for their children- it doesn’t matter what they do or how they are, parents will always care and worry about their loved ones. When we adopt the attitude of care – in the same way that parents care with unconditional love, we can develop Bodhicitta for the sake of all sentient beings. Then he pointed out, that an understanding of emptiness is of utmost importance for our practice. As he ended the initiation, Karmapa said that spiritual practice should not be a burden; we can feel joyful and comfortable in our dharma practice and over time, it becomes completely natural, in the same way that breathing is natural. The participants were very touched to take part in this wonderful occasion.

On 8th of August the Karmapa taught “The Way of the Bodhisattva” at the Kursaal in San Sebastian. The Kursaal in San Sebastian is by the Atlantic Ocean. Arriving at the event, one could feel the power of the elements. A fresh wind was blowing and the waves were wild and powerful.
Up to 300 people from many different dharma centres in Spain, France, Germany and other countries, listened to His Holiness teachings on Bodhicitta.
He referred to the classical text from Shantideva “The Bodhicaryaavatara” and recommended that practitioners have a daily practice for Bodhicitta, in order to develop the Bodhisattva attitude of mind.
His Holiness said that the first step on the way of the Bodhisattva is to take refuge and to renounce samsara. Then we have to face reality as it is. We ought not to cover up a single thing- not one thing needs to be made superficially attractive. We need to have a clear view of reality and a completely grounded practical way of helping others. There are no strict rules to follow this path. When we have a caring approach towards all sentient beings, then step by step our wisdom can develop. We will know how to help, in the right way according to the situation and for the benefit of the one in need. The evening ended with the Bodhisattva Prayer.

7.08.2017 Chenresig empowerment in Pamplona:

8.08.2017 Teaching in San Sebastian:



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So when we practice compassion, when we apply compassion in our daily lives, we really have to tell ourselves, “That’s me, that’s who I am. I cannot change that; no one can change that.