21.01.2013 – 22.01.2013, Hong Kong

Teachings on the topic of Pure Land in Hong Kong


On the evenings of January 21 and 22 His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa gave two sessions of teachings on the topic of Pure Land at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

His Holiness started by cutting through our fascination with Pure Lands and bringing us back to the basics of the Buddha dharma by explaining

I’m just using the term “Pure Land” to interest you all, but basically I will be talking about the same old Buddha dharma… All the great, extremely wonderful descriptions of the Pure Lands are mentioned so that the practitioner will do whatever is necessary to develop a clear and well-structured mindset. But once we have such a mindset then the Pure Land is very much right here and right now…”

His Holiness concluded both teaching sessions by giving plenty of time for questions and answers, and the participants made ample use of the opportunity.

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Words of Wisdom
“The inner wealth would be none other than the understanding of one’s true nature.”