11.11.2012, India

Ninth Buddhist Conference in Gujarat, India

Gujarat, Conference

Holiness the XVIIth Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, Supreme Head of the Karma Kagyu lineage, was invited as the Guest of Honour by the Indian Buddhist Congress and Friends in Dhamma, who jointly organized the Ninth Buddhist conference on 11th November 2012 Sunday 2012 in the state of Gujarat, India.

Honourable Chanderbodhi Patil, National President of the Indian Bodh Congress offered ‘khatas’ to His Holiness and Jigme Rinpoche, General Secretary of His Holiness, as a token of respect signifying the auspiciousness of their presence in the conference.

His Holiness inaugurated the Buddha Dhamma Conference with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony and then led the congregation in making auspicious collective aspirations. His Holiness also administered the ‘panchseel’ vows to the devoted throngs of Indian disciples.

The conference saw a gathering of eminent and driving personalities of the Indian Buddhist world such as Dr. A. K. Sinha, General Secretary of the Buddhist International Welfare Society, Nordhan Bhutia of Friends in Dhamma, Venerable Bhadanth Sadanand Mahathero and Sumedho Thero of Indian National Congress, and Venerable Bhante Meghavi and Bhante Nag Dipanker.

Eminent dignities included the Honorable V.M. Mokhale (Gen Sec, Indian Bodh Congress), Subhash Junjale (National VP, Indian Bodh Congress), Dr. Harish Rawalia (National VP, Indian Bodh Congress), A. Milind Guruji (Karnataka President, Indian National Congress), Jagjivan Prasad (Uttar Pradesh President, Indian National Congress), and Sant Bakshasingh Gehlot (Azamgarh).

With the traditional Indian custom of flower offerings, the congregation received the ‘darshan’ of His Holiness at the conclusion of the august conference.

Report: www.kibsociety.org

His Holness Gyalwa Karmapa on Ninth Buddhist Conference in Gujarat, India

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