Karma Raja Maha Vihar Monastery ceremony at Swayambhu

Karmapa’s Private Office shares the following message and photos on the auspicious occasion of the handover of the Karma Raja Maha Vihar monastery and 17 Buddhacharya residences at Swayambhu in Kathmandu:

2021_04_29 KRMV Tibetan page 1

2021_04_29 KRMV Tibetan page 2

2021_04_29 KRMV Tibetan page 3

2021_04_29 KRMV Tibetan page 4

2021_04_29 KRMV page 1

2021_04_29 KRMV page 2

2021_04_29 KRMV page 3 (1)

2021_04_29 KRMV page 4

Please find below a selection of photos, including Karmapa’s previous visits to Swayambhu, and the handover ceremony on 26 April 2021.

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