26.08.2008, Germany

His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa Visits the Dharmazentrum Moehra, Germany

Audience, Empowerment, Teaching, Visit

On Tuesday, the 26th of August 2008, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje visited the Dharmazentrum Moehra, Germany, for the second time. His Holiness was warmly welcomed by an offering of 17 fire-balloons.

The official program took place in the Krayenberghalle in Tiefenort, seven km from the centre, the next day. About 400 people came to join the teachings, giving of refuge vows and bodhisattva-promise, and the Avalokiteshvara empowerment of the Gyalwa Karmapa.

The mayor of the township, Mr. Hoether, expressed his thanks to His Holiness in a personal talk after the teachings.

After everyone had received the blessing of the Gyalwa Karmapa the official program was completed. Gyalwa Karmapa thanked the audience for coming and said goodbye to everybody.

In the morning of the 28th of August, Gyalwa Karmapa left for the airport Frankfurt/Main to continue his journey to France.

Report: Dharmazentrum Moehra

Photographer: Helmut Prochart

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