02.04.2007, India

Djang Chog puja of Amitabha for the passing of Hannah Nydahl

Ceremony, Puja


On April 2, 2007 His Holiness performed the Djang Chog puja of Amitabha for the passing of Hannah Nydahl. The prayer service was attended by many of the visiting guests from the West and the monks of Shri Diwakar Vihara. The same puja was repeated by all of the Sangha at the residence of Shamar Rinpoche in Sikkim, not far from where the seat of her late beloved teacher the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje is located in Rumtek.

His Holiness said, “After we knew that she was ill, we told everyone not to give up on her. Even though her illness was severe, I told people she would make it through this, with the hope that everyone’s wishes would remain pure and optimistic.” His Holiness said that he was very much wishing that there might be a miracle and she would in fact recover.

Karmapa asked people not to grieve but rather to “rejoice in her accomplishments and activities.” He added that, “We should all dedicate our merit so that her wishes will come true.” When asked what wishes he was referring to he said, “All of them. Her wishes in this life, for the sake of the Dharma, and those wishes she may be making posthumously.”

The atmosphere during the puja was serene and tranquil. There was a sense of achievement in the air. Though there were some somber faces, the general tone of the event was one of respect and reverence for a person who was so well loved, both in her time and after, and who was truly an asset to the Dharma beyond expression of value and measure.

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