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We have been documenting life of Thaye Dorje, the 17th Karmapa since 1994. KDP is a non profit organization, based on volunteer work. We introduce reports and articles from vast activities of the 17th Karmapa as well as present Karmapa gallery from all major events from Karmapa’s Life.


Earthquake in Taiwan – Gyalwa Karmapa shares prayers

Taiwan Earthquake 2016 Letter from Gyalwa Karmapa

Dear dharma friends It is with great sorrow that I learned of the disastrous earthquake that struck the city of Tainan in Southern Taiwan in the early hours of this morning, just two days before the celebrations of Chinese New Year. Several people have lost their lives, hundreds are injured or still trapped in the […]

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21.12.2015, India

Wishes and aspirations for the world peace: Kagyu Monlam 2015


Every year, Karma Kagyu practitioners gather to aspire for the world peace and benefit of all sentient beings, in the most sacred place for buddhists: Bodhgaya, place of Buddhas enlightenment. Starting on 9th December, extensive purification rituals of Mahakala were performed at Karma Temple in Bodhgaya. Finally, on 12th December Lama dance were performed and […]

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Thaye Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa visits Swayambu

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Words of Wisdom
“We can overcome eons of negative actions, speech & thought with one great moment of generating compassion”